Flood Insurance in Stockton and Angels Camp, CA

Flood Insurance

Most homeowner insurance policies will not cover flood damage. Massive storms, hurricanes or even snow melting after a storm can cause flooding and leave your home a potential haven for mold growth, or worse – requiring rebuilding.

Mandatory Requirements

If you live in an area that is deemed high-risk, you’ll be required to obtain flood insurance. Federally regulated lenders, such as your mortgage company, will have this requirement in place and may not alert you to it.
Anyone living in areas where flood risks are moderate or less can still obtain flood insurance, but it is not mandatory. We suggest having flood insurance no matter the risk – click here to apply!


Coverage will vary from one policy to the next. The circumstances leading to the claimed damage may make a claim invalid. Most policies cover the following:

  1. Building and foundation
  2. Electrical systems
  3. Plumbing systems
  4. HVAC systems
  5. Water heaters
  6. Appliances
  7. Flooring, paneling and cabinets
  8. Garages (dependent)
  9. Debris removal

You’ll also find personal contents property, which covers furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.

What isn’t covered?

  1. Loss of currency, such as bonds
  2. Damage caused by moisture that could have been avoided
  3. Outside property and furniture
  4. Financial losses due to the flood
  5. Vehicles lost or damaged as a result of the flood

Basement coverage is often not included in a traditional policy, or will come as an extra added option. Due to a high potential of flooding in basements, you’ll want to inquire about your basement’s coverage and discuss your options with one of our representatives.

Mark Twain Insurance provides you with the coverage you need. Don’t wait another minute to protect your building against flood damage. Call us today at 800-350-7700 to get a quote.
We have the perfect flood insurance policy for you.

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Stockton Location

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Angels Camp Location

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